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Interprovincial Tournaments

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Also known as the Hiram Walker Trophy.

Reference for first three columns of table:


Date Venue Winner Notes
1947 Toronto Ontario and BC  
1948 Vancouver Ontario  
1949 Calgary & Edmonton Alberta  
1950 Winnipeg Ontario  
1952 Toronto Ontario  
1955 Vancouver Ontario  
1961 Calgary BC Manitoba led by kiwi Martin McEwan. Manitoba beat Ontario.
1964 Montreal Ontario  
1967 Ottawa Quebec  
1971 Toronto Ontario  
1975 Calgary Ontario  
1977 Toronto Ontario  
1978 Winnipeg Quebec  
1981 Edmonton Alberta  
1983 Vancouver Ontario  
1986 Winnipeg Ontario  
1990 Ottawa Quebec  
1994 Vancouver BC  

From 1983 it became known as the Bracht Trophy

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