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Early Tours From Britain, Australia and Ireland

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The list of cricketers who have toured Canada is an impressive one and it is not surprising that the vast majority of tour games in the nineteenth century were decidedly one-sided. The tours did not just help to develop the game in Canada, they also helped to advertise the country to immigrants, especially those from Britain. This chapter will detail the following tours:


1. George Parr's Professionals Tour of Canada and America in 1859

2. Edgar Willsher's 1868 Tour

3. MCC 1872 Tour

4. Australian 1878 Tour

5. Richard Daft's 1879 Tour

6. Irish 1879 Tour

7. EJ Sanders' 1885 Tour

8. Lord Hawke's 1891 Tour

9. Australian 1893 Tour

10. Lord Hawke's 1894 Tour 

11. PF Warner's 1898 Tour 

12. Australian 1913 Tour

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